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Thia is a picture of Samantha, a white woman smiling while wearing sunglasses and looking at the landscape of Finland on a summer day.


I'm Samantha¹, a 35 years old woman that comes from a simple South Brazilian family of fisherman.

My career began really early – I was just 16 years old when I got to college² – but fortunately I was lucky enough to fall in love with design and grow my career on it.

Having learned to deal with personal and professional complex situations from a very early age, resilience and idealism have shaped my life and work. But that do not define who I am: I learned to enjoy both when I win and when I fail.

I am a learner-by-doing and I believe in creative confidence, curiosity and open experimentation on my work, although I see design as a very technical craft. I love learning with others, and I do that by mentoring and coaching, public speaking, giving training, writing or being part of programme committees such as ILA, UXConf and QCon.

As a migrant, I have been here and there living in such different countries³. Very excited to call myself a berliner for the past 2 years – and hopefully for many more to come.

Say hi, hola, oi or hallo at or via LinkedIn.

[1] Fun fact, my full name has twice the same last name, it is Samantha Rosa da Rosa.

[2] I got a scholarship to study Industrial Design in 2005. This wasn't my first choice and I switched to Graphic Design in 2006.

[3] I have lived in Brazil (Porto Alegre, Rio and São Paulo), Ecuador (Quito) and Germany (Berlin) the past 11 years.   •   about   •   work   •   writing

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