Hi! I'm Samantha Rosa :-)

I'm currently leading the Product & Experience Strategy for the Global Talent Development team at ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy.

I started my design career in 2005 – I've graduated in Graphic Design (2009) and pos-graduated in Digital Design (2014) and Education (2020). I have been working with user experience design and tech for the past 12 years.

My values and principles are all connected to creative confidence, curiosity and experimentation and I'm an advocate for digital rights, diversity in tech and ethical design.

I support the design and tech communities in Brazil on their journey to become more diverse and ethical. I do that by mentoring individuals, public speaking at events, universities and in-company, writing articles and being part of programme committees – Interaction SA, UXConf (evaluation) and QCon (track host - Culture).

I appreciate well-designed objects, beauty and art. In 2020 I started my first venture as an entrepreneur, joining the ceramics b-corp Estúdio Baleia as a partner.

I've lived in both Brazil and Ecuador and I am currently living in São Paulo, at the amazing Copan building designed by Oscar Niemeyer. I love spending time designing my living and working space.

I've decided to become a traveler since I learned I get so much joy from what is new: I simply dislike repetition. Have visited many cities in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, but in the end of the day, need my safe space to go back to.

I get inspired from meeting with people and things from different cultures, from cooking to embrace new flavours, from writing to explore my feelings and thoughts.

I learn by doing. Understanding structures and processes is what I do to get the rationale behind things and be able to make better decisions. I spend a lot of time learning about the things that makes me curious and impact my surroundings.

If you want to know more about my work, you can review some case studies here or read some of my thoughts here.

If you want to reach out, send a message to oi@sahrosa.com, visit my LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram accounts.