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My career started back when we were manually designing grids, sharing computers and learning to create websites using... Photoshop - crazy times.

I've been experimenting in many different areas, specially with graphic design, information architecture, user experience design, user research, design ops and people management. Later on, also product management - with tech being the background to my work for almost 15 years. Design leadership and product management is where I excel and have the ability to bring highest value to the table. 

Some of the industries I have worked with were advertising, automotive, consulting, education, government, health, information security, internet, media and news, talent development, travel and social impact. As a disclaimer, due to confidentiality, the majority of my case studies are not available on its entirety.

t h o u g h t w o r k s   –   2 0 2 3

product vision and strategy designed to allow scability and business growth

t h o u g h t w o r k s   –   2 0 2 1

reimagining and building the learning experience

t h o u g h t w o r k s   –   2 0 1 9 

design as the driver for global cultural change

t h o u g h t w o r k s   –   2 0 1 9 

strengthening the organisation growth culture

c o n f i d e n t i a l   c l i e n t  –   2 0 1 8

innovation driven by readers collaboration

t h o u g h t w o r k s   –   2 0 1 7

scaling people operations in latin america

c o n f i d e n t i a l   c l i e n t   –   2 0 1 6

market expansion via hypothesis development

s e r v i c o s . g o v . b r  –   2 0 1 5

public services become digital and accessible

g l o b o . c o m   –   2 0 1 4

personalizing the experience of millions of readers

g l o b o . c o m  –   2 0 1 3

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